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Blast Zone, Playground Equipment, Fairfield, CA
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Inflatable Water Parks

Inflatables Water Parks by Blast Zone are Safe, Fun and Exciting. Blast Zone designs avoid steep pitches and high landings, providing a smooth, safe slide for your precious youngsters. Blast Zone Inflatable Slides and Water Parks utilize Commercial Vinyl surfaces for extended durability.

The Blast Zone Inflatable Water Park Category includes inflatable slides, inflatable wet dry combos and Inflatable Multi Slide products. Many Inflatable Water Parks incorporate multiple exciting features such as slides, Bounce Houses, Sprayers, Crawl Tunnels, Hoops, Climbing Walls, Spray Cannons and Splash Pools. All Blast Zone inflatable Water Parks include Sprayer Systems.
Tropical Splash Inflatable Water Slide
Tropical Splash Compact Backyard Water Slide
Our Price $299.99
Sale Price: $199.99

Preseason Sale!  Save $100!  The Tropical Splash Brings the Blast Zone to your yard in a compact, affordable and easy-to use package! Kids will have a Blast sliding, climbing and splashing.
Twist N Spout Water Park
Ships Same Day
List Price: $519.99
Our Price: $519.99
Sale Price: $369.99

OVERSTOCK SALE! SAVE $160 FOR A LIMITED TIME!!!  The Twist N Spout Inflatable Water Park is one of Blast Zone’s most versatile and popular water parks. With a Water Slide, Splash Pool, Water Cannon and Climbing wall, the Twist N Spout offers up tons of splashing fun.
Splash N Spray Inflatable Water Park
Ships Same Day
Our Price: $399.99

The Splash N Spray Inflatable Water Park brings the excitement of the Water Park to your back yard!  Stop wasting money on gas and rentals, and turn your yard into a coooool water park!
Great White Wild Slide
Great White Shark Inflatable Slide
Ships Same Day
Our Price $419.99

Watch the Video! Our best Wet/Dry Slide! The huge Shark is over 20 feet long.  Kids climb up his head and race down his tongue where they splash down! Commercial grade slide and super-safe design. Approx 20' Length. Ages 3 and up.
Buccaneer Inflatable Water Park
Buccaneer Inflatable Water Park
Ships Same Day
Our Price: $429.99

The Buccaneer Pirate Slide provides serious high-seas action.  This water park will entertain your swashbucklers for hours with sliding, spraying and splashing fun.  Daring youngsters will climb the Buccaneer Cliffs, slide down the Cannonball Chute, splash in the Pirate Lagoon, and man the Spray Cannon.
The Pirates Bay Inflatable Play Park
The Pirates Bay Inflatable Play Park
Out Of Stock
Our Price: $529.99


 Watch the Video! Ships Same Day. Big 20x12x8 Play Park. Bouncer, Slide, 3 sprayers with Spray Cannons, Crawl Tunnel, Splash Pool.
The Misty Kingdom is the Coolest bounce house around!  It's a Bounce House, Slide, Water Park and Ball pit all in one.  The Misty can be used wet or dry, and offers everything kiddies love!
Misty Kingdom Bouncer, Ball Pit & Water Park
Ships Same Day
Our Price $579.99

 Watch the Video! New improved larger bounce floor.Bounce House, Ball Pit, Water Park and Splash Pool! Up to 6 kids! The Misty Kingdom Includes a sprayer system to use as a water park, a commercial bounce floor & slide surface, and more.
Jet Stream Inflatable Water Park by Blast Zone
Jet Stream Inflatable Water Park
Our Price: $579.99

The Jet Stream Water Park is designed for kids that who dig Splashin', Sprayin', Slidin' and Slammin!  This water park has a huge Splash Pool, Super Slide, two Screamin' Spray Arches, two Slammin' Hoops and a Climbing Wall.
Princess Palace Inflatable Combo by Blast Zone
Princess Palace Combo Bouncer with Slide
Ships Same Day
Our Price: $579.99

An upgraded version of the Princess Dreamland Bouncer, this Combo adds a Wet/Dry Slide, Sprayer,  Mini Climbing Wall, and Splash Pool/Ball Pit!  This Princess Palace Inflatable combo is nothing short of the best for your princess.
The Crocodile Isle Inflatable Water Park.  A Backyard Swap Amusement park.
Crocodile Isle Inflatable Water Park and Slide
Out Of Stock
List Price: $799.99
Our Price $599.99

Pre-Orders expected to ship 5/25

 Watch the Video! Big Croc Water Park with enough fun for 5 players at once. Climbing Wall, Dual Curved Racing Slides, Large Splash Pool.
Shark Park ULTRA 10-in-1 Inflatable Play Park
Our Price: $629.99

Watch the Video! The Shark Park Ultra Play Park Inflatable is the next Great White-Wild-Wet Wonder. The big 19x11x8.25' adventure land comes out of the box with fantastic features:  8' long Commercial Vinyl Slide,  5' long climbing wall,  3-person shark-tank bouncer that doubles as a ball pit, an 80 square-foot splash pool, 3 shark-fin sprayers, 1 overhead sprayer, and a fun crawl tunnel.
Hang Ten Inflatable Wet/Dry Bouncer and Water Park by Blast Zone
Hang Ten Wet/Dry Combo
Ships Same Day
Our Price $629.99

The Hang Ten Inflatable is a Bodacious Bounce and Slide Combo! The centerpiece of this Beach Bouncin' Bonanza is the 8x8 Bouncer, where young party-goers will bounce away the day. From there, little surfers will have a sweet time climbin' up to the surf slide,  surfin' down, and repeating!
Rainforest Rapids Amusement Park
Rainforest Rapids Bounce House & Water Park
Out of Stock
Our Price $729.99

 Watch the Video! Ships Same Day! Top of the Line. Water park, bounce house, 3 slides and splash pool.. Commercial grade slides, keep kids sliding and splashing in the heat.  The bounce house keeps the fun going when it's cool.  Add balls for a super party.  Ages 3 and up.
ULTRA Croc 13-in-1 Inflatable Water Park
Our Price: $829.99

 Watch the Video! Ships Same Day. Huge 13-in-1 Play Park. 2 Curved Racing Slides. Chute Slide. 2 Spray Tunnels. Climbing Wall. Splash Pool. Dual overhead sprayers.

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